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New iPad won't work with UK 4G

Pocket-Lint: If you are thinking of being clever and buying a 4G AT&T or Verizon iPad in the US and shipping it to the UK, think again. O2 has told Pocket-lint that it won't work on its own or Everything Everywhere's LTE trials. In fact, even the Wi-Fi + 4G UK version of the new iPad will be hamstrung to 3G maximum over here.

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cyberbob2417d ago

Thats not a reason of national security ...rofl

C_Menz2417d ago

Not surprising... It seems like different regions and even carriers have their own type of mobile internet. If im not mistaken the UK is also just now improving it's broadband and wireless internet connections so that probably explains the difference between the UK and US since their network will be more "modern" in a way when completed.