Former top Microsoft exec says world is over the PC

Rueters via Yahoo News: SEATTLE (Reuters) - Ray Ozzie, the man who succeeded Bill Gates as Microsoft Corp's tech visionary, believes the world has moved past the personal computer, potentially leaving behind the world's largest software company.

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SKUD2416d ago

Tablets still have a enormous mountain to climb in terms of functionality. That's not to say also that desktops won't evolve as well.

Soldierone2416d ago

This is why I don't like tablets. People like this think they will replace everything and are forgetting the direction computers are going....

We are recreated ourselves. Computers already have graphics cards, amazing visuals, and are now fully capable of running an entire entertainment center. You want to take a tablet and take some of that experience on the road? Fine, but why does it have to replace all of this? We are going back and working our way back up the ram table, back up the ladder of trying to make battery life last, and even "games" are attempting to catch up to what we have now.

My question is, if we are "passed that" then why is everything else still playing catch up?