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Siine Keyboard for Android

TechFlashed : New dynamic keyboard. Super-fast shortcuts to text fast and fun. A new alternative Android keyboard has yet another way of thinking about the way you type. A sweet new experience of texting like you talk.

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AgentWhite2418d ago

Its very interesting idea, but Why there is no CAPS LOCK .

Raf1k12418d ago

I was checking this out yesterday and it really does seem quite good. Not sure if I should buy it though. I wonder if there's a trial version.

Raf1k12418d ago

lol so it is. I made the assumption is wasn't since a lot of the keyboards I've seen have to be paid for like the swipe ones. My bad.

wjbjnr2418d ago

I actually used this app for a while but the basic typing wasn't comfy.