New iPad is bad news for Android tablets

Zdnet - This hardware refresh is more than enough to keep the iPad ahead of the Android competition for the foreseeable future.

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C_Menz2419d ago

Any new rival product is bad for the other competitor.... I don't see it as a huge knock against Android tablets since at least to me they don't seem that well designed, marketed, and polished but thats the problem with Android....tons of different versions from several companies.

Soldierone2419d ago

I don't understand tech news at all. The Vita was getting hammered with the 250 dollar price, this is a slightly upgraded Ipad 2 for nearly triple the price and its "no surprise and perfect."

There were TONS of rumors going around that the Ipad would do, so many things they could have done, and we don't get any of it and its all fine and dandy. I don't see it as a threat, why? Because other tablets have taken those idea's and ran with it.

You have Razors new tablet that can play PC games! It has a crap ton of power, it said "tegra 3 who" and went and put actual PC specs into it. They said "we want a gaming tablet" and put a controller on it. Everyone points and attacks Android, but it's not the only competing OS. You have Windows out there doing some amazing things too.

The only positive thing here is Apple is leaving the IPad 2 on the market at least for the time being, which allows a cheaper price. Other than that of course it will "stay ahead" in sales because of that Apple logo on the back. I would be mad to be honest. Sure they have a step up right now, but it's new. So when everyone else takes their step (and in this market it will happen Sooner rather than later) Apple will just slightly edge them in specs again?

Apple got to where they are by being somewhat innovative in combining idea's, this isn't innovative at all. If I was Google I wouldn't care, let your companies make a new chip, don't rush it, just make it good.

krazykombatant2418d ago

How is it even bad news??? a more expensive product with minimal upgrades from its predecessor? Yeah scary challenge.

mamotte2418d ago

Why? It's the same thing as ever, with just more numbres, but the same OS, still no USB port, and no flash.

Oh, wait. People use too buy this kind of things for a lot of money. Damn.

The_KELRaTH2418d ago

No USB and even more important - no USB or convertor cable to offer host USB (ie. for remote camera control etc).

As for the resolution bump up - for what, it's not like streaming TV or movies are going to switch to Blu-ray quality in it's lifetime and there's still only a handful of apps/games that support the extra features of the iPad 2 over the original iPad.

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The story is too old to be commented.