Epic Games Says New iPad Will Have More Memory, Higher Resolution Than Xbox 360 And PS3

Kotaku: Developer Epic Games revealed the next game in its mobile Infinity Blade series today at the Apple iPad press conference.

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C_Menz3012d ago

That's not hard... Memory wise both the 360 and PS3 are lacking since they are several years old. And resolution?

I'm sorry but the resolution isn't tied to each system but rather individual games. If developers wanted to release $1 time waster games in 1080p they could, but instead usually use 720p to fit more in. Either way having that resolution on a screen that size isn't needed.

Soldierone3012d ago

A lot of things do, yet we still don't see Uncharted or Killzone on them. In fact PC barely just started blowing away consoles as a standard with Battlefield and Skyrim.

A lot of phones have absolutely AMAZING specs in them, but the best we get is Angry Birds like games or knockoff games. Good specs are cool, but without good developers it doesn't mean anything. No physical controls and the video game focus is on....actual game systems and handhelds. The business structure around this market is "make as much money as possible doing as little as possible" thats why the games suck. I have had 3 phones, and the closest thing to PSP or DS style games has been on my Xperia Play, and that won't be utilized until PlayStation Suit is released.

I want to see these thing push boundries, and hey if they do something to make video games better I'm all for it. However I've yet to see them truly attempt to do that at all. It's always "we have better specs than the other guy!" and nothing comes of it.