Is the 5MP iSight Camera on the new iPad Worth the Upgrade?

TechnoBuffalo: Along with a blazing A5X quad-core processor and 1080p-trumping Retina display, the new iPad will feature a 5-megapixel iSight camera capable of capturing 1080p HD videos. The optics system has been carried over from the iPhone 4S, which is one of the top performing camera smartphones on the market. Features like auto-exposure, auto-focus, auto face-detection built-in stabilization and even an AF lock will make their way onto the camera of the new iPad.

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C_Menz2469d ago

Quite simply NO.

Who really uses their iPad as their main camera anyway and lugs it around only to pull out this massive notebook sized iPhone to take pictures. It's merely an additional perk but not a main selling point in my opinion.