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Some Employers and Colleges demand your Facebook Password

What's Hawt: Employers and College recruitment offices are going yet another step further into the social world by asking potential employees and students to fork over their Facebook usernames and passwords as part of the screening process.

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Speed-Racer2419d ago

Ridiculous. Hope they clamp down on this.

C_Menz2419d ago

Agreed. Having them look at your social network accounts at the info you have available publicly(non-friends, etc) I have no problem with. But this is going a bit to far and is actually very illegal.

It's practically worse then during interviews if they ask a women if she plans to have a child soon, etc. and that is strictly regulated.

SKUD2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Some states offer no protection to potential and current employee's on this matter. Companies can deny or fire you for what you do during your own personal time if they deem you liability (AT ANY LEVEL). Smokers I would say get the most of it since it would cost companies more money in terms of health care insurance.

These are the draw backs to social media. Your credit score will matter too with some employers.

adorie2419d ago

make a FB for work and one for personal. It shouldn't have to be that way, but since technology is literally a part of how we communicate and live, it is the next best thing. You can also make it so people can't even search you on FB or add or message you. Extra precautions so these nitwits can't see your private life. (let's hope you're not Hannibal Lecter's protege)