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Chrome and Firefox fight for 2nd spot

WhatsHawt: As another month passes by, Firefox and Chrome still battle it out while Internet Explorer continues to slowly fall. Here are the details after February 2012′s close.

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Speed-Racer2419d ago

Chrome should eventually surpass firefox on the net apps reading soon enough, even though I'm still a hardcore firefox fan. Wish they could rebuilt the software from scratch. Even without the 3rd party apps, it could sometimes get unstable.

C_Menz2419d ago

Chrome is only low in usage numbers because it was last to the party and people don't like change. As it becomes older the adoption rate will be much higher.

fatstarr2414d ago

Internet explorer : internet champion 1995-

reminds me that I need to use opera more

I must say that internet explorer is nice in windows 8.