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Google Must Tell Apple Its Android Secrets, Says Judge

Mashable - Google and Motorola were ordered by a judge on Monday to divulge data to Apple about their pending merger and the development of the Android mobile operating system.

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NovusTerminus3861d ago

Uhhh... No way in hell! This is bullshit!

I am fed up with Apple's parade about while the court system sucks up to them at every turn.

fatstarr3861d ago

dont worry apple is gonna get theirs. their house of cards is gonna crumble down.

C_Menz3860d ago

It does suck, but this is how the world works!

tachy0n3861d ago

google and Microsoft should do the same thing with apple...and force apple to explain why their sucky devices are so overpriced.... apple messing with google is like apple playing with fire.

AgentWhite3861d ago

Apple name is over rated , that's why it is overpriced .

Syko3861d ago

This is what $500 Billion gets you. Bored lawyers that are overpaid.

KingPin3860d ago

with money like that they probably bought the judge also.

now they can get "official" court rulings in their favor.

SnakeCQC3860d ago

wow apple are really losing and american judges are so easily bought

AgentWhite3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Apple , Apple . Apple . It all on the web . After the huge loss of Steve Jobs I think Apple has also lost its respect a little .

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The story is too old to be commented.