Engadget - Zeiss Cinemizer OLED with head-tracking hands-on

Engadget - The Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED has been a long time in the making -- we first heard about the video glasses at Macworld in 2008 -- but the company has yet to push the head-mounted display past the prototype phase. We stumbled upon Zeiss' booth here at CeBIT, where we found a version of the glasses that look mighty similar to the mock-up we saw in marketing materials from 2010, but are now equipped with a pair of head-tracking modules to expand the yet-to-be released marvel's practicality. With head-tracking now on board, the Cinemizer can theoretically appeal to gamers, architects, even educators, who can use the glasses in the classroom.

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dillydadally3559d ago

All they need to do now is make it more affordable - like a LOT more affordable! I would love to see video games supporting these. All they would need to do is make low quality ones to pack in. Then you could optionally buy the more expensive pack too.