Telecoms groups fight back against free messaging

Associated Press:

"Just past the security gate for the world's largest cell phone trade show in Barcelona, executives of big mobile carriers can't avoid walking past a booth they would probably rather not see: It's for "Pinger," a small California company that offers free texting in the United States and Germany and has global expansion plans.

Pinger and an explosion of smartphone messaging services -- like iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber Media, Facebook Messenger and KakaoTalk -- have managed in just a few years to slash away at the important revenue that cell phone companies get from text messaging. Analysts say there's no end in sight to the financial blood letting."T

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fatstarr3862d ago

Its companies like this I despise they loose 10% revenue from free texting and they bitch and moan. like they charge us for a data network and thats how the service is being used so if they are crying that services like this piggy back off their data networks just what are we paying for? if we cant use a data network why even have it... they should have fear change is coming. phone companies are trying to kill off the sayins b4 they get stronger... its too late.

C_Menz3862d ago

There is something to see here though.... Phone companies want to get rid of these services or charge for them, if it is not well known that they are trying to do this it is more likely to pass.

fatstarr3861d ago

they are trying to take away free stuff that takes away from our revenue.

these services help users get usage out of the data packages that they buy for 30$.

I dont see whats the problem why cell providers want to nickle and dime us for everything.

C_Menz3861d ago

Why do the nickle and dime us? Because they are a business and want money.