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Why I Won't Be Buying Windows 8

Geeks Have Landed: Opinion piece on why I won't be buying windows 8, and discussing the potential problems with the upcoming operating system.

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C_Menz3248d ago

Good don't buy it, no one is forcing you too. I too doubt I will get it for my desktop, but if I eventually get a tablet or new phone I am open to giving it a shot if it truly proves to be a more complete OS on mobile devices.

sjtechblog3247d ago

Yeah I think it will definitely be more suited to tablets and mobiles.

Tsuru3248d ago

Sounds more like laziness then actual reasons why its not a good operating system.

sjtechblog3247d ago

Maybe, I have been using the dev preview since September though, I'd say that's a fair chance. I have never once said it wasn't a good operating system, it's just not to my liking.

mcstorm3247d ago

Well this is his choice but I am using W8 on my none touch work laptop and so far I really like it it is faster to find apps than on any other Windows OS and it is very easy to use. It also seems to run faster than my laptop did with Windows 7. I really like the design of the new Metro US its clean and fresh. Yes it is different to all other OS systems but Windows and many other OS systems have been the same since Windows 95 and it is time for a change and I think Windows 8 is a change MS needed for the tablet market but they have also made it work for the desktop as well.

I am a big fan of Android tablets and love my Xoom but with the limits it has I will be getting a Windows tablet for home as it has no limits and I will be upgrading my Work Laptop to the full os as for me anyway this is the best OS ive used and I have used a lot over the years.

sjtechblog3247d ago

I really like the idea of it on a tablet or phone, I think it would be awesome and unlike any other tablet OS. I really like the design, but for me it doesn't work as effectively as the current desktop. Mind you, I haven't tried it with an actual mouse, just the touchpad on my laptop. I might give it a go.

mcstorm3247d ago

I agree with you about the phone and tablet side. I have a htc titan and imo it is the best mobile os on the market not because im a fan boy but because of the way it works. Its as simple to use as an iphone but offers less drawbacks like android so it is a middle ground os on what both android and ios offer.

As for tablets i see windows 8 working alot better on a tablet then android or ios because it's a full os not a mobile os.

As for using it with a mouse i have also not found anyproblems with how it works once you get the hang on how to use it becasue you need to not see it as a windows os from the past as it is not but so far ive not had any problems with it.

A few years ago i started looking and using Linux as my main os as windows vista was a mess and ms looked like they were going no where but since windows 7 ms have really started to show what they are about again in the computing market and at this moment in time i dont see anyone bringing out better software for there platforms than Microsoft and over the next 10 years i see them becoming the big boys again.

fatstarr3247d ago

what microsoft should do is offer 2 flavors.

a Business, ultimate and professional and home and such.

business is standard stock windows.

everything else gives you preferences to if you want to stay at default or try out metro.

Microsoft I dont know what you are doing but hopefully it comes out well.

Blaine3247d ago

I'm not sold on the tiles, but as long as there's no bloatware in them I don't think I would mind. I don't know about everyone else on here, but I don't want Cut the fucking Rope anywhere on my laptop, let alone right on my desktop.

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The story is too old to be commented.