NASA Space Station Codes Were On Stolen Laptop

Huffingtonpost - A laptop stolen from NASA last year was unencrypted and contained command and control codes for the International Space Station on it, the agency's inspector general told a United States House subcommittee yesterday

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BeastOrange3926d ago

Way to go Nasa security. I cant even get a thumb drive onto a Air Force base in AZ, yet someone can walk with a confidential laptop...

C_Menz3926d ago

Well I think leaving with something that looks like it belongs with you would be much easier than bringing something in that could potentially upload a virus, steal data, etc.

Still sucks, but with all the budget cuts that are hitting NASA I would guess that updating/upgrading security isnt on the list.

BeastOrange3926d ago

The reason no USB drives are allowed is because of the scare a few years back from the ones they found that the Chinese had made to send info off without the users permission. Still you would like to believe there are procedures and regulations to prevent that from happening.

adorie3925d ago

Eh. Whow ants to take bets who will start the 3rd world war. China? or the U.S.A?

I'm torn between the two.