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What Pinterest Can Do That Facebook Can’t

Yahoo News: Imagine walking into a 14-year old girl's bedroom — what would you see on the walls? Probably pictures torn from magazines, drawings, maybe inspirational quotes. Transform that visual collage into a social media site, and you have Pinterest. The site has taken off since its 2011 launch, with nearly 12 million unique visitors in January, 2012, and its membership has been accelerated by Facebook tie-ins that show your friends' Pinterest activity.

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gizmig3559d ago

Pinterest is seems to be one of the reliable sites till now in the industry due to its unique feature of pinning pictures on the board.

BeastOrange3559d ago

Yes it is gaining momentum in social circles

AgentWhite3558d ago

Because of the huge promotion on web , Pinterest its gaining momentum . I
While comparing it with facebook is so early.

C_Menz3558d ago

Never heard of this site. Looks interesting.

AgentWhite3558d ago

Pinterest a new name in the social media