iPad 3 Concept Uses Retina Display And 3D Holograms

New Rising Media: "Ahead of the iPad announcement on March 7, Aatma Studio has released their vision of an iPad 3 concept, with retina display and the use of 3D holographics and table projections."

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slavish2423d ago

wow looks good and i hate apple

NAGNEWS2422d ago

have they been smoking

i will have what they had

SkyCrawler2422d ago

I will buy what they have

AgentWhite2423d ago

Still its not sure i must say ....Apple will unveil on march 7th ..

Sobari2422d ago

Worst design I've seen yet. There's no place to grip the thing without touching the screen.

Megaman_nerd2422d ago

and it looks very fragile too.

ChrisW2422d ago

They are more than likely to use Gorilla Glass 2, like they do with the iPhones. So I wouldn't worry too much.

kingPoS2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Since when did apple stuff become so anorexic.

Will the next iDevice have a removable battery so as to prevent others from spying???(off doesn't mean OFF)

Will they EVER use usb?

kingPoS2422d ago

Um who would buy two $600 iPad3's just for that?

sikbeta2422d ago

Every apple fanatic that has been buying apple products and their updgrades every year?

C_Menz2422d ago

You have to ask? Plenty of people will, I've seen entire families with iPads for both parents and their children!

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