Android Market vs App Store – Which is Better?

DoGaming on: Android Market or Apple's iOS App Store – will elicit all sorts of responses from the various corners of fandom.

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Speed-Racer3934d ago

I wish this comparison made sense. It's like comparing apples to oranges. The markets are totally dependent on the abilities of the phone AND it's not like you can use both markets on one phone to make a real comparison. They have their differences, yes...but they don't compete with each other...rather...the phones are what compete with each other.

sllshrm3933d ago

No its comparing apples to androids
If you know what i mean :P

C_Menz3932d ago

Made me laugh... Well said.

I like the ios market compared to what I saw on my friends Android phone. Seems a bit easier to use, but in terms of apps they all pretty much have the *same* apps for the most part in terms of functionality, just might be different names.

b-real3932d ago


As these phones become more similar in features (both hardware and OS) its the ecosystem that sets them apart. In that case, the applications are a major part the differntiation between, say, a samsung galaxy S2 to an iPhone 4S. Therefore a comparison of the available apps and the means in which one acquires them makes for a valid comparison.

Speed-Racer3932d ago

Then you should do a phone platform comparison, not a market comparison.

KingME3932d ago

The app store is much more organized than the market place. I so difficult on android market place to determine what is for tablet vs phone. And the lame Tablet Market App, simply sucks.

Fel083933d ago

I had an Android, and now have an iPhone. Personally I prefer the Apple App Store. Its cleaner and easier to use. Just my two cents.

Strange_Evil3933d ago

I own a Galaxy S2 and and iPod Touch and I admit, the Apps on the Appstore are better IMO. There is a feeling of 'polish' on the Appstore that the Marketplace and it's apps lack. Also in the gaming department, the Appstore beats the MP hands down. A lot of the 'popular' games first have their birth on the Appstore and then when the devs earn enough, it gets released on the MP. Also, few games like Infinity Blade and Real Racing aren't even available on the MP (also my favorite photo taking app... Instagram!!!).

On the whole, there is a lot of crap on the Android MP. On the Appstore, I can trust the apps will be good... Read 'legit' reviews of people and gauge much better an apps standard than on the MP... Just my opinion. Also Apple recently bought a company to parse out better search results on the Appstore... So maybe there will soon be an overhaul to the Appstore. AMP has a lot of catching up to do... To move out the crap and highlight the gems.