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Sony’s Clamshell Tablet P Unfolding at AT&T Retailers Nationwide on March 4th

TheGamersHub - Sony recently announced the US arrival date for one of its quirkier devices the Sony Tablet P. With it’s clam-shell design, dual 5.5 inch touchscreen’s, and use of Android’s 3.2 Honeycomb the Sony tablet P seems out of place in a market dominated by standard rectangular tablets.

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C_Menz3251d ago

Pretty unique. I don't think I have ever seen a tablet go with a design like this(probably some out there I dont know of though).

Unless it actually makes use of the split screens it will most likely flop, but if they actually get people on board to make custom apps/programs to make use of both screens it would be great.

fatstarr3249d ago

the design is too niche for anything to happen. there are way too many tablets out for this thing to get proper notice and eventually change the game.

the nds took advantage and changed the gaming world but its not going to happen with this tablet unless sony markets it right and other companies take a shot at making dual screen tablets. I dont see that happening, tablet is still cool tho

C_Menz3248d ago

Well with Sony they pretty much know by producing a tablet that is like all the other ones out there already that it won't really be successful either. So true to Sony's nature might as well try and stand out and innovate.