Anonymous Declares War on U.S.

IBTimes says,

Anonymous has uploaded a video declaringwar on the U.S. government. In a round of hectic online activity that saw the group hacking many intergovernmental Web sites, the online hacker community seems to have come on its own to make their latest announcement declaring war on the US administration declared as "Operation V".

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Shackdaddy8363257d ago

Lol. Wonder how that'll play out XD

C_Menz3255d ago

Wonder how long before they realize that all of the open threats towards governments, companies, etc. is actually increases demand for increased piracy laws and less internet freedom that they try and fight for.

tachy0n3255d ago

this is hacking not piracy. both are different things.

if the governments do close down the internet like they plan to, the world will rise against the the world governments in protest....

C_Menz3255d ago

Governments don't differentiate the two though. To them hackers/people who pirate are the same issue and if they take down one they might as well tackle both at once.