Sony Has New Console In The Works, AMD Building Graphics

Forbes: Sony is working on an as-yet-unannounced new gaming console, former AMD employees say, and the processor designer may play a key role in the new product.

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AgentWhite3257d ago

The source of the story is forbes .
But as the story says use of Amd instead of nvidea is astonishing as nvidea has always stand upto the expectations.

Speed-Racer3256d ago

Last time I checked, AMD was a solid brand as well in the graphics department. As mentioned below, their drivers can be tricky...but the cars perform just as well.

arjman3256d ago

Nvidia GPU's usually run hotter than their AMD equivalents, so it makes sense that the PS4 would go for the red team..

GrumpyVeteran3256d ago

AMD is being used for the xbox 360 & now the Wii U. It's not far fetched to see AMD being used with Sony stuff.

C_Menz3256d ago

Although AMD is cheaper I think it is a bad move. If the GPU is going to be based on the new models being rolled out nvidia seems to have the upper hand again for these next GPU models by a large margin.

ProjectVulcan3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Pretty much this. When you have an edge in the GPU department it can show up in console. Nvidia will have an edge for the size of the die versus performance when their new generation launches next month. AMD have led in this crucial factor since the HD4000 series, but now it will change. Nvidia's strategy and experience of building massive chips should FINALLY pay off.

This means basically more performance for the cost of the chip. Word is that Nvidia's 3.4 billion transistor GPU (GK104) is very close to a 4.3bn Radeon 7970. This is logical too. 7970 is not fantastic, it is only about 25 percent faster than a GTX580 yet it is built with well over 40 percent more transistors. Even if Nvidia just stuck GTX580 on 28nm and whacked up the clocks with no design improvement, it would get close to 7970 and be massively smaller.

Ati had the edge when PS3/360 was built, and 360 got a quality GPU, whereas PS3 got an old duffer of an architecture.

Sony would probably be best sticking with Nvidia this time around- which means of course, they won't!

SkyGamer3256d ago

I know the ATI fans will hammer me for this. nVidia has made a bunch of mistakes, including their 9 series that were rebadged 8 series (smaller die though) and skipped the 300 series at least for discrete desktop graphics. I waited forever for them to release the 4 series with DX11. Long story short, I think that that extra time nVidia took to make the gpgpu fermi, it will pay off in the long run. I think that this time the green team has the better architecture, unlike before where ATI had the better architecture. I remember when nVidia stated that "unified shaders" are new territory and it wasn't ready especially when the rsx xenos battle took place. Now unified shaders are a standard. Pioneered by ATI first, at least with consoles.

ChrisW3255d ago

Both ATI and nVidia have made some major mistakes that alienated customers and enthusiasts.

Sobari3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

PS4 will probably lack any type of backwards compatibility if true, which kinda sucks.

raytraceme3256d ago

lol any gpu that is an 8800 or more can emulate a gtx 7800. Only thing the ps3 needs is cell to emulate the ps3.

mamotte3256d ago

And the PS3 can emulate easily PS2 and PS1. Yet Sony still says no.

SantistaUSA3256d ago

The problem is that if they go AMD, then say good bye to easy compatibility! Still possible but its a lot of hassle when games were made from a different company!

ProjectVulcan3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

There is no problem with emulating PS3's GPU. It is not a highly customed chip like days past and PS2.

The problem lies with CELL and its fast XDR memory and bus. CELL would probably be near impossible to emulate in software. Any machine would almost certainly have to include the chip.

If a new machine was a big step up then it would ditch CELL type architecture for its CPU, the design is dead. POWER7 is the most likely choice for a new machine.

Obviously the question then is would Sony do what they did with PS3 when they included PS2's chipset inside PS3 until cost cutting meant it was discontinued.

The fact is Sony abandoned PS2 backwards compatability in PS3 after only 18 months or so. This leads me to believe they would quite happily abandon it for a new machine as well. No matter the outcry, you can't forget the vast majority of PS3s cannot play PS2 games yet you still bought a PS3. Sony will know this and ditch BC without a second thought this time.

Not least of all because of the success of HD remakes and the extra cash that has brought. Really its a no brainer so you shouldn't be at all surprised if their next machine won't play PS3 games.

SkyGamer3256d ago

vulcan is an info god... So true. BC was such a hyped feature back in the day. Now days not so much. Good thing with MS is that they own the xenos architecture from ATI. ATI sold the designs to MS so they own it outright. That is one of the reasons why ATI won the contract for Xbox 360. MS didn't want to make a repeat mistake of last gen when making the nVidia chips were either too costly or nvidia stopped production. This time they get to control it. The cpu is just a triple core power-pc so that should be easy to emulate with more advanced cpu's in the future. The real question lies in the video card. So to see BC in the NextBox is almost a certain. Why go through all that trouble to own the chipset if you aren't going to use it?

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Soldierone3256d ago

They would need the cell in the PS3, which still isn't dirt cheap like the PS2 was when the PS3 released. Common sense business move would be to have it capable of running it off an attachment. Offer a cheaper model with no backwards compatibility, but have the option viable through an accessory. Keep costs down is Sony's number one priority, they can't afford to follow their pricey (yet awesome out of the box) model next generation, or MS will hold it over them yet again.

dexus3256d ago

if there will be CELL processor present, it will be backwards compatible.

There is no reason to drop cell processor, it's mega fast and acceptable, and with 32nm process even cheap.

PS4 will use BR for sure so backwards compatibility will be there almost for sure.

Minute Man 7213256d ago

Give me forward compatibility

tachy0n3256d ago

thats messed up, i then have to expect RROD-like situations with the PS4...AMD sucks big time...low quality built GPUs along with their shitty drvers.. :/

hopefully this is not true and sony goes with nvidia!

dexus3256d ago

I can't disagree more.
AMD's vga put in to xbox sux ass just like the nvidia in PS3. New generation of both of the cards is excelent.
new xbox will use radeon 6570 which is notebook class vga. I bet that Sony will go for 7770 which is the mainstream and they will include their special instructions in to the chip.

slavish3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

we dont even know the wii-u specs and you think you know the xbox specs, lmao. You dont even know the name of the next xbox let alone the spec. Come on fanboy, anyway sony went on record stating ps4 wont be a big jump. so why do you assume it will be stronger?

arjman3256d ago

Drivers don't affect consoles mate, also AMD has produced some fine hardware just like Nvidia, things like RROD and YLOD can happen to AMD or Nvidia

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