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Windows 8 and Mountain Lion: Trading Openness for Security and Integration

PC Mag - Looking at the changes coming in OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8, it's clear that both Apple and Microsoft are trying to bring their mobile and desktop platforms closer together. They both want to tie more things into cloud services and social networks, and generally work toward more consistency and security.

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wmlcloud3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Mac can never match Windows I'm an IT Professional and have used Windows (serer and client OS), several Linux operating systems and Mac. Mac needs to lift its unwanted restrictions to be more appealing. You even need a credit card to use Apps from the mac store or have to use workarounds.

C_Menz3935d ago

Well, Macs are more for "trendy" designers/students who get sucked into the Apple brand in my opinion. I have a friend who only bought a Mac for video editing a few years ago and yet complains how slow it does it.

Then when I built my PC(windows) he made fun of me saying I was retarded for buying the inferior PC OS system. That was until I showed him how fast my computer could do video editing ;).