Ciccarese Design Teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 Makes us Want it Now (PHOTOS)

IBTimes HK writes,

The actual release date of Apple's next generation smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5, could be months away but a lovely teardrop-shaped mockup of the holy grail by Ciccarese Design makes us want iPhone 5 now. As the current design of iPhone 4S is uninspiring (and identical to iPhone 4), the mockup comes as a refreshing change.

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itech1533863d ago

If iPhone 5 is designed like this, no one want to use it, i dare to say.

Danteh3863d ago

Because of the tear shape, you couldn't even place it in a flat surface without it moving around.

Thankfully Apple will never make such an unfunctional (although pretty) design :D

bahabeast3863d ago

this looks better than all iphone models IMO

TwistedMetal3863d ago

This looks dumb and people don't like rounded shape electronic devices as much as they like boxed shape type with right angles and this is a fact.

people hated the ps3 looks and called it a George forman grill because it was round, people hate the psp design because it was rounded while the ds was square shaped and clam shell. people jumped on the original ipod and the sony walkman and like those because they were square instead of the old style circle cd player look. people pass over android phones that are really round and take the more boxed shape ones.

When you hold the phone you shouldn't even be feeling the back of it only the sides and when you set it down you want it to not roll over and weabo wobble off the table because devices with roundness that move when you sit them down are annoying.

If you like round shape electronic devices you probably have bad taste. Guess what? Mandark from Dexter laboratory robots were always ugly with all the roundness on his robots vs the boxed and square shape robots Dexter had. Dexter always won!

Jihaad_cpt3863d ago

stop speaking for me or every other person out there

rickhunter893863d ago


C_Menz3863d ago

Looks even more breakable than what we have now..