PlayStation Vita, the Skype application is coming has written:
Sooner or later.

Heralded as one of the characteristics peculiar to the social network coming to PlayStation Vita, Skype is one of the most popular applications to communicate, but absent on the day of its debut.

The official website has reported on news. Remain so in the words of Manrique Brenes, Director of Product Management and Business Development for Skype platform business unit, who recalled that "will allow Skype users to communicate with PlayStation Life themselves service users regardless of the platform in a chat text, voice and video, to make voice calls to telephone numbers at an economical price. "

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AgentWhite3932d ago

Good News For skype users .More interactive stuff coming their way .

Berserk3932d ago

That's all you ever say... Why?

Agent_hitman3932d ago

Never thought that Microsoft actually cared about sony's toy, the so-called vita. I must remind everyone that skype was bought by MS already..

LiL T3932d ago

Cool story bro....

OT- Sweet hope to see more apps soon

evercast3932d ago

NIce that its going to be there but I hope the update to play PS1 games comes before.