DNA Nanorobots that could target cancer cells

What's Hawt: "Researchers have developed a robotic device made from DNA that could be programmed to target a single or multiple types of cells from within a complex mixture of cells, and deliver specific instructions including telling the targeted cell to destroy itself."

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hay3259d ago

Awesome, but cancer is perfectly curable by cannabis oil, with which pharmaceutical corporations fight 'cause they can't patent and sell it.

SilentNegotiator3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Nothing makes cancer "perfectly curable"

You can only TREAT cancer. Several things have been linked to being potential treatments for cancer, but zero of them "cure" cancer.

Don't go around spewing exaggerated cannabis propaganda like "It CURES cancer!" will offend people that actually care about cancer treatment.

Speed-Racer3259d ago

@hay - Cannabis is only used to slow down growth, not cure it. Get your facts right.

Speed-Racer3258d ago

@hay - Not every website on the Internet is legit. Might wanna research them before shelling out your cash on a scam.

hay3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Your choice. Just trying to "sell" truth for free. Just consider it, when someone you love will get this awful disease.

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BrunoM3259d ago

It would be nice if these were to come in the next2 months sence I was diagnosed with 3 tumors it sucks but o well ..

But is kool to see its movin the right way

UnSelf3259d ago

i hope you get the treatment u need man. damn.

BrunoM3258d ago

Just found out 6 weeks ago it's a 2 inch by 2 and half inch on my c2 disk and two small ones of 1cm by 2 on my pelvis been doing mri's like crazy and ct scans going to talk to the sergion on Monday

FlameBaitGod3258d ago

Every1 is should watch the movie cancer is curable now and food matters l8r. I promise you will not regret it

Nitrox3258d ago

Like all great breakthroughs in science, this is a bittersweet discovery. On one hand you have the promise of an extremely beneficial tool. On the other hand, it's only a matter of time before someone opens up Pandora's box and finds a way to weaponize it. Just thought I'd throw that out there...

All in all though, I think this holds incredible potential to save countless lives so it might be worth the risk...

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Speed-Racer3259d ago

The potential sounds limitless...could get rid of expensive treatment like chemotherapy etc, and you could cure a number of other diseases quite easily.

Veni Vidi Vici3259d ago

Yeah, get rid of expensive chemo in exchange for even more expensive nanotherapy. Nothing in medicine is cheap anymore. All they care about are profits, not helping people. I'm speaking from experience on this one.

Speed-Racer3259d ago

Yea I wouldn't dispute you at all. Knowing that they can easily force more 'helpless' people into getting drugs, the big wigs definitely put higher prices on drugs. They could say it's payback for the years of R&D they put into their work, but heck...most corporations these days are gouging the consumers of all their money.

Veni Vidi Vici3258d ago

The funny thing they never tell you about the patients in the show "House" is that once they are all cured and get the bill, they all wish they were dead because it's in the 6 figures.

sjaakiejj3259d ago

Any prospects on when this technology is to be actually applied in healthcare? Couldn't find anything about it in the article, though it sounds impressive.

IllusionRSN3259d ago

Wow this would be amazing!

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