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In Theory: How iPad 3 Breaks the 1080p Barrier

Digital Foundry writes:

"It's that time of the year again. In the next calendar month, Apple is widely believed to be unveiling its third-generation iPad, and the engine at the core of the rumour mill is being cranked up to maximum warp in anticipation. Stalwart news site MacRumors has managed to acquire one of the new displays while Chinese forum WeiPhone has already hosted photographs of what many believe to be the iPad 3 logic board. Combined with other rumours currently circulating, a picture is beginning to form of the kind of device iPad 3 is and the level of power it is capable of delivering."

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Kwertie4300d ago

Big deal. I have a CRT from 2003 that does 2048x1536

C_Menz4300d ago

It's called marketing. To the average person if you throw out that the resolution is that much better(even though it doesn't matter that much on that small of a screen) then they will be more excited about it.

I think it's good they are upping the resolution possibly since it's better than not doing it at all and charging the same price than they would have put it in.

fr0sty4300d ago

Your CRT isn't battery operated and won't easily fit into your backpack.

Amplitude4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )


LOL. Cause that's the same thing.
As if you have 3 agrees.

Apple haters are actually more stupidly bias and blind [and sometimes even more hipster] than Apple fanboys. Seriously.

jerethdagryphon4300d ago

meh mine does 25xx x 20xx its a viewsonic monster

res doesnt matter for most things at high res screen icons become so small to be un usable

mamotte4300d ago

A good monitor these days can pull 2500x1200 easily.

SilentNegotiator4300d ago

Other than perhaps some sort of professional, who the heck needs a 1080p (or more) tablet?

Kwertie4300d ago

Yeah it's pretty dumb. My Vaio is 16.4" and 1080p and stuff gets pretty small at that.

I suppose it's good in a way for competition and stuff, but apple needs to focus their priorities elsewhere and give the iPhone a 16:9 screen

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blumatt4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

It is if you've invested heavily into the Apple ecosystem already. DRM music and videos can't be played on the Fire HD, unfortunately.

The iPad retains a slick simple interface that works. I do wish it had those Dolby dual stereo speakers.

I hope Apple ups the ante on their feature set for the next iPad.
----------------------------- ---------------

Kindly explain your disagree, good sir or ma'am.

Sarcasm4103d ago

That's the thing that keeps people going back to Apple products. It just "Works." People can hate all day about their business practices or whatever the case, people cant deny that their interface is simple, easy to use, and works a majority of the time. Though sometimes my iPad may have a couple hiccups here and there, I've never had any issues with it.

Heck, the iPhone is so easy to use, my parents both have a 4S. Keeping in mind they don't even know how to use a computer.

Although I'm an Android guy myself, its easy to see why some folks prefer the Apple stuff.

Knight_Crawler4103d ago

Have to agree with you on that Apple has created simple products but yet found a way to convince the mass that its the best most advance technology out there.

But Apple are not the only ones who are guilty of this look how much the Nintendo Wii has sold despite the PS3 being 100 x more powerful or look how much Beats headphones have sold compared to better cheaper alternatives.

SilentNegotiator4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

It's a good point. I don't care if you love or hate Apple. Their philosophy is that things work and in a straight forward manner.

I like Android personally, but I hate having to do things like research to make sure I'm not getting spyware on the Play Store. (IDK how Amazon Marketplace does things)

Knight_Crawler4103d ago

Apple will up its ante but unfortunately it will also up its price.

I a cert Apple distributor and one agreement they mske you sign before you can starting selling Apple products is that you can not lower the Apple product price - if an iphone cost $600 on launch day you still need to sell that phone for $600 a year move by Apple becuase this way they can ensure that there product always remain expensive, MS is wants to adapt this with the Windows RT.

Trenta274103d ago

I got an iTouch in 2009. Since then, I spent a ton of money on iOS apps. Since then I got a iPhone and recently an iPad. Going to something anything other then Apple at this point would just be silly.

evil_element4103d ago

I dont think it will ever matter what other companies can pull out of the hat. As long as they use there old approach to designing technology they wont break through. (Thats just pushing more and more tech under the hood).

If the experience is broken and complex, 99% of users will walk away from that device.