Study Shows Mobile Phone Use Makes You Selfish

NRM: "The technology may have granted the public the ability to communicate with thre rest of the world in a way that's not been possible; but it turns out that very technology could be making us close off from the world. A study by the University of Maryland has found that people after using their phones are more likely to engage in behaviour that would soully benefit themselves and not others, than those who didn't, or just used Facebook instead."

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Adaptive headlights will save us from blinding LEDs

Hate nighttime driving glare? Car manufacturers opting for the brightest LED headlights are to blame, butdaptive headlights will help.

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The Downward Spiral of Linus Media Group

Shaz from TL writes: “Linus Sebastian’s media company, Linus Media Group, is under fire. From ethical concerns with videos, to allegations of workplace harassment.”

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10 HP Printer Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Read this post to learn about 10 HP printer problems and how to troubleshoot them. Follow all the steps carefully while solving the error for a smooth result.

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