Your heartbeat could be your password

Msnbc: Think the love in your heart is unique? You might be right. It turns out that everyone's heart beats to its own rhythm. Scientists think they can take that uniqueness to protect your data. Isn't that lovely?

To prove the point, researchers led by Ching-Kun Chen, an electrical engineer at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, have developed an algorithm that turns an electrocardiograph (ECG) reading from your palm into an encryption key.

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BeastOrange3942d ago

Pretty cool if ask me, the price had better be right because we all can afford good voice and retinal scanners as it stands today lol. Great idea though

C_Menz3942d ago

Until you get a heart attack or some other heart problem. Wouldn't that change your heart beat? I would assume over time as you get older it would also change since muscles get weaker, etc.

mrscience3938d ago

Funny...I am reading this as I listen to a box of Mexican jumping beans clicking away! Got me thinking -- you know --funny:)

yes, they Mexican jumping beans still do exist. found them online at