Apple kicks Google where It hurts

“In Germany, Munich Regional Court has ruled that Motorola’s phones infringe Apple’s slide-to-unlock patent,” Arora writes. “This is a major victory for Apple. Apple can use this decision against all Android vendors.”

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KingPin3830d ago

slide-to-unlock was wayyyyy before the iphone saw the light of day in the design pages. i had it on my Sony Ericsson P900.

Apple are a bunch of pussies trying to corner off the market and monopolize it. patenting ideas that were in existence way before their devices came out. whats next Apple? gonna make a toilet seat and patent sitting down to take a shit.

mcstorm3829d ago

I have to agree here im sick of apple going after everyone for nothing and then they copy everyone else and act like it is there idea. Look at the pulldown notice bar in new ios hmm did android not have that first? Also being able to access the camera when the phone is locked o ya windows phone 7 did this 1st. Now they want to add intergration into the contacts app hmm wp7 dose this with the people hub. Ok wel we will like our phone with icloud o no wait windows phone 7 did this 1s as wel with skydrive.

I also remember having slide to unlock on my old windows mobile 6 years ago too.

I really do hope people stop supporting the i devices and start looking at android and wp7 in the phone market windows 8 and android in the tablet market and samsung and sony mp3 players in the mp3 market as they all offer more and better quality than the i devices and cost less too.

KingPin3829d ago

mcstorm has the comment of the day.

well said.

im glad im not the only one to see the crap apple is up to. its sickening really.

mcstorm3828d ago

Lol glad to see people think the same. At the end of the day the iPhone was a simple version of windows mobile that had many limits on what it could do and android is a upgraded version of windows mobile that is more touch friendly and had a built in app store.
Windows Phone is different to them both in the way it works as it is the only is that will give 99% of people what they want out of the box without downloading apps. Each OS has there + and - points just like anything in life but the way apple are going on about each IOS update and new iPhone is like the create amazing new hardware and software when all they do is take what everyone else has and repackage the new processor and camera into the old shell.

SilentNegotiator3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

"Slide to unlock patent"?

Wow....I'm filing a shoe tying patent. Nike, Adidas, etc....they'll all owe me. I'll be rich!

The things that people can register rights to is unbelievable. And I'm pretty sure Disney is getting public domain times pushed further by a few more centuries, lol.

sealava3830d ago

there should be only 1 smart phone iPhone , 1 computer mac , 1 tablet ipad , 1 company apple ...everything else are copy's i tell you !!

Speed-Racer3829d ago

Not sure if sarcasm, but that;s a really foolish point. If that were the case, those devices would be at least twice the price of what we'd pay for them usually.

krautgamer3829d ago Show
Speed-Racer3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Lovely reply krautgamer. Let's not forget this is the Internet.

SnakeCQC3829d ago

wow such a douche move apple has gone even more evil without jobs

KingPin3829d ago

well without jobs its a sinking ship.

so they grasping on to everything they can while they can. its only a matter of time before the current Apple execs jump ship. 5-10 years max.

Kurylo3d3829d ago

no they havent... jobs is the one who said he would destroy android even if he died doing it.

Jobs is the one who kickstarted the lawsuits. lol.

LackTrue4K3829d ago

lol.....i guess we all know who got the last laugh on this one!!! hahahah....

C_Menz3829d ago

Not really, Apple has been getting sued and brought to court time after time by the other mobile companies. So they would be dumb not to do the same.

krazykombatant3829d ago

How can a gesture be patented???

KwietStorm_BLM3829d ago

Because the patent system is a joke

SnakeCQC3829d ago

*wonders if i can patent me giving apple the finger*

3829d ago
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