How Sony is trying to save the world

TechRadar - Sony is famous for a lot of things.

Most recently it's been the launch of the PS Vita and some disappointing financial results that have been getting the headlines.

But one thing Sony hasn't had much coverage over is its work to reduce its impact on the environment.

Of course, any manufacturer of oil-based plastic products creates a sizeable carbon footprint but Sony has become a shining example to other electronics manufacturers by committing to completely eliminate its negative effect on the environment by 2050.

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cyberbob3938d ago

Really like the concept of producing a new material for making products which is made from 99% recycled plastic names as SoRPlas.

Great move!

C_Menz3938d ago

Yup, great idea. I hope now with a new head at Sony they will be going back to their roots of innovation a bit more than they have been in past years.

zero_cool3938d ago

Needs to be accomplished by at least 2015.

zero_cool3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

because no eco system means everything dies on this planet!

Blaine3938d ago

You don't realize what you're asking!

gaffyh3938d ago

That is kinda awesome of Sony, keep it up! They should get an award for that or tax breaks or something

r213938d ago

thats awesome what they're doing. save the environment, save the future people!

clrlite3938d ago

now to stop all the massive amounts of carbon dioxide and methane released by the earth and nature every second.

Really though, good job Sony

this should be done regardless.

Ecologically friendly practices and a real free market ftw.

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