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OS X Mountain Lion Theme For Windows 7

IntoMobile: As you know, Apple has just announced OS X Mountain Lion, the next major update for OS X, inspired by iPad. The Mountain Lion will include many iOS features such as iCloud, Messages, GameCenter, Notification Center, and is expected to arrive in late summer. The Developer Preview of Mountain Lion is now available for download for Mac developers.

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xVeZx3578d ago

theme is cool but when i reboot the computer the mouse pointer changes back to the windows mouse pointer and i have to change the theme and then change it back to this theme for it to come back

Agent_hitman3578d ago

That's too bad, better not try this theme anyway

fatstarr3578d ago

you have windows and you want to look like osx... might as well just get a mac if you wanna trick yourself.

I rather not mess with visual styles, those days were fun in XP .

KingPin3577d ago

"you have windows and you want to look like osx... might as well just get a mac if you wanna trick yourself. "

nothing wrong with getting a visual theme that looks like other OS' do.

maybe people like the convenience of windows coz they very familiar with it but do not like the UI. this is where a theme is useful.

i must admit, i use windows for gaming and use ubuntu on my laptop and being able to use the Ubuntu theme on windows is much easier on the eyes. not tricking ourselves into thinking a new UI is equivalent to the OS it looks like.

xVeZx3577d ago

its not like a transformation its just the desktop background and the mouse pointer

dilawer3578d ago

Damn it, I real windows user/fan will never use an OS X theme. I mean what's the point?

dilawer3577d ago

oh really, then why don't you get a Mac? It looks good doesn't it.

It's like applying iPhone theme on an Android phone. D:<

ThirstyforFanta3577d ago

@dilawer because a mac only LOOKS good.. It sucks when it comes to actually using it

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