As U.S. launch looms, Vita sales plunge in Japan

Yahoo Games, Plugged IN: Sony's hoping for a big splash when the PlayStation Vita goes on sale in the U.S. next week, but the news from the company's homeland is pretty discouraging.

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C_Menz3264d ago

I doubt people in Japan are worrying about Vita sales. They are still trying to bounce back from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster that crippled Japan.

Everyone who wanted a Vita got on the first few weeks, after that the usual market who picks a game console/handheld up isn't there since so many people are having a tough time in Japan still.

Sobari3264d ago

I doubt that's the problem. If the current state of Japan was the problem, the 3DS wouldn't be topping the sales charts constantly and would be selling similarly to the Vita.