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Phillips To Challenge Sony With Dual-View Gaming 3DTV

TQcast: Sony’s PlayStation 24-inch 3DTV may have been the first with the dual-view 3D gaming feature, but Phillips is ready to unleash their own take on dual-view gaming with 2 new LED 3DTVs that start at 32-inch.


Philips Hue Go puts smart lighting on the move

Philips is adding another color-changing smart light to the Hue family this summer, and with a built-in, rechargeable battery, you'll be able to take it with you around the home. Dubbed Philips Hue Go, the hemispherical fixture will retail for $100 when it makes its debut this June.


CES 2013 – Philips Lifeline GoSafe Interview with Nick Padula

GamerFitNation: Philips Lifeline is a division of Philips that deals mainly with healthcare and health monitoring systems. While at CES, I ran into one of the best individuals I probably will ever meet. Nick Padula is the Vice President of North American Sales for Phillips Lifeline and the information that he gave us during this interview was great. The GoSafe is a great product and no, not because it helps monitor falls, but because it provides your grandparent, mother, or father the reassurance that someone will be with them and that they are not alone when something happens. We often see those cheesy commercials with the older person falling in the bathtub and the son or wife coming home finding them incapacitated.

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