Rapidshare disables resumable downloads; severely caps download speeds for free users

What's Hawt: Rapidshare has disabled resumable downloads and has set a speed cap for its free users.

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IllusionRSN3825d ago

First AT&T capping speeds now these guys?!

Speed-Racer3825d ago

They have such an odd way of throttling as well. Just last night I thought a download from RS had stopped, and I immediately jumped to another site. Lost client.

gizmig3825d ago

That's what competition does. The cut throat competition in the market force them to take such action.

gaffyh3825d ago

Rapidshare was the one service that I believe actually benefitted from all the millions of crappy file hosts. Now that most of the competition is calling it quits, its gonna go back to being crap like it was before.

evolution543825d ago

Right now, a lot of file sharing services are laying low and no one can blame them. New services are trying to start up but either no one has heard of them or they suck real bad. Also, I'm sure many dedicated uploaders are also waiting for the storm to blow over before picking a service. Why waste all that time to upload when the service could fold any day?

There are actually still quite a lot of services out there such as:


I'm kinda of surprised by most uploaders aren't taking advantage of platforms such as and Dropbox.

Kurylo3d3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Freedom is an illusion. There is no freedom. The laws of the land will always be there to control the consumer and to profit through corporations. Its always about the money.

Wish there was a country I could move to that really was free.

At least for now were not at chinas level. Were just pretty close with all the propoganda that we listen to here in the US. The corruption is still here in the US just like Chinas corruption.

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The story is too old to be commented.