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This is China’s iPad. The One Apple Is Getting Sued Over

Kotaku: Apple's iPads are disappearing from Chinese stores shelves. The reason is that a Chinese company called Proview is contesting the use of the iPad moniker.

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Marshal3879d ago

It sounds funny .."The First Ipad " such a thing causing worry to apple.

Pain3878d ago

Kinda funny how Proview's "iPad' looks like a Apple mac in 2003.

Hozi3878d ago

I think it's funny when big companies do battle in court because they "Pirate" each other

kingPoS3878d ago

Now that ladies & gentlemen is what I call irony.

Think about it for a minute, someone from China is willing to sue because the other parties devices has a similar name.
Lets not forget that the alleged ipad looks almost exactly like an e-mac from 2003!

The patent g*d's must be laughing.(really hard) lol

C_Menz3878d ago

It is pretty funny. Especially since China violates so many laws and patents and doesn't really care when outside companies complain or file lawsuits against them. But woooo if a Chinese company has a problem then it is a completely different problem!

Patriots_Pride3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Your missing the point - they are suing Apple in China only.

If the Chinese started selling an a PAD that looked like the IPad in the US market you bet your arse that Apple would sue them for every penny they own.

Apple products are good and worth every penny but I hate how they try to monopolize everything and buy patents just to sue other companies.

Jihaad_cpt3877d ago

Actually Apple tried to get this company to stop using the name iPad. So I guess its karma.

3878d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.