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Windows Phone app shown running in Windows 8 with over 90 percent of original code

The Verge : Rick Walrond, a Windows Phone app developer, has demonstrated how he's managed to get one of his games running on Windows 8 with over 90 percent of the original code. The port of AlphaDrops took about two weeks to complete, and was shown running on a Samsung Series 7 Slate with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. We know that Windows Phone 8 apps will use the same code as in Windows 8, but this demonstration suggests that a lot of current Windows Phone developers will be able to get in on the action as well

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BeastOrange3265d ago

Pretty cool, still seems like there will be some issue with other apps

cyberbob3265d ago

OS X Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8...Both get mobilized

mcstorm3263d ago

Really like what microsoft are doing with windows phone 7 and windows 8. I think the company is going to start being a main os in mobile, tablet and pc market with windows phone and windows 8. Microsoft are now becomming a creative company again and so far i like what i am seeing.