Photoshop CS6 Can Magically Move Around Any Object In Your Photos

Gizmodo: When Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes showed me the new content-aware features of CS6, my mouth opened like an imbecile out of complete disbelief. You can basically move objects around your image freely and effortless. It's black magic!

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Marshal3873d ago

wow ..this is usefull .That's why maximum users use adobe photoshop because its the best .

lroche3873d ago

This can come very handy but I'm not sure how effective it works on every project. It seems like the parts modified in the video all have very different color schemes than the backgrounds i.e. the girl in red or the white splashes(?)
Waiting for more reviews.

BeastOrange3872d ago

Photoshop is definitely an art but one that is hard to learn, yet easy to abuse.

C_Menz3872d ago

Awesome... I have 5.5 currently and am still re-learning how to use PS since I learned it way back at CS2.