Sony Looking To Change The Way We Consume Power

The Game Fanatics: Sony has a nice trick up their sleeve that is set to revolutionize our lives in 2030. Hover cars!? Nope. Virtual reality gaming!? Nope. Pay-as-you-go power which utilizes a short range-range wireless FeliCA transmitter and other goodies so that you can swipe a pay card across the faceplate and pay for energy right where you are? Certainly!

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C_Menz3945d ago

Very interesting concept indeed. Sounds like a good idea if Sony is able to implement it right and given their past innovations they have a good shot at making this work(at least in Japan, U.S might be tricky).

Solid_Malone3945d ago

I see toyota establishing a good relationship with sony, as a result of this product.

Anarki3945d ago

I can see every company in the world establishing connections with Sony due to this product... It's going to be the future I reckon.