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Mattel To Officially Release The 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard

NRM: "We might still be some time off street-engulfing holographic 3D advertisements, flux capacitors, flying cars and self-drying clothing, but there’s more to Back To The Future’s imagining of 2015 that caught the eye. How about the self-lacing Nike MAG sneakers, the DeLorean’s home energy reactor Mr. Fusion, and the then-and-now-iconic Mattel hoverboard featured throughout the BTTF sequels?"

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BeastOrange4305d ago

Wont work as easy as the one in the movie? Well this will be interesting, probably more of a collectors item vs and applicable toy.

Marshal4305d ago

I will say " The Flying Board "

GameGuy4305d ago

This article got my hopes up then brought them down faster than a game of jenga being played by two babies :)

armchaircritic004304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Sorry about that haha How cool would a real hoverboard be!? Take a look at this:

Blaine4304d ago

If it doesn't fly, it's not the Back to the Future hoverboard.

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Mattel releases biologically inspired foldable robot bugs

Mattel’s been taking great pains to update its product lines for plugged in generation of kids. Last month, the toy maker teamed up with Osmo for an iPad-ready update to its popular Hot Wheels line, and now the company is enlisting the help of another tech startup, Dash Robots. The pair’s first collaboration is Kamigami, a robotics platform that lets kids build their own robotic bugs.

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Mattel thinks again about AI babysitter

The toy company has abandoned plans to start selling a device that would sing lullabies to children.


The best cheap Cardboard VR viewer is… Mattel's View-Master?

Even though it was created by Google, Cardboard phone-based virtual reality viewers have a very cool, DIY aura around them. So when Mattel—the house that Barbie and Hot Wheels built—comes in and tries to take Cardboard mainstream, surely the result feels hollow and half-hearted, right?

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