VLC hits version 2.0

Engadget reports that VLC hits version 2.0 across multiple platforms.

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cyberbob3270d ago

that really amazing will download it now

KingPin3269d ago

please share you opinions on it.

last time i was a day 1 downloader i regretted it.

fatstarr3269d ago

hopefully its not bug city.

DivineHand1253269d ago

because i when i make my vlc 1.1.11 check for update it says i'm using the latest one. Also when i check the website's download section; the only version i see their is also 1.1.11. Does anyone know when we can expect the official 2.0 for windows?

Speed-Racer3269d ago

No. Still Release Candidate. Unless you are a tester of some sort, I'd hold off till a stable version has been released.

Dark_Overlord3269d ago

I applaud the fact that VLC plays pretty much everything, but at the same time if I skip to a random point in the video, I can hear the sound but the video takes at least a few seconds to start playing normally :(

So I stick to MPC and BSPlayer mainly, and VLC as a backup.