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Do We Really Need Smartphones?

MobileTopSoft: "There is a question that has been looming in over our heads for a long time, and that is, do we really need smartphones? Keep reading to see my views on the matter, you might or might not agree."

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cyberbob3576d ago

i Must say yes to this question .Because smartphone is not only mobile pone it device which help u everywhere whereever you call.All you have to do is just put some cool application to work for you

gizmig3575d ago

Totally agree with you. Smartphone is becoming a necessity for the people because of its number applications that make life too easy.

Flavor3574d ago

I can tell the people above me use smartphones quite a bit... if you know what I mean.

KingPin3575d ago

this article should really be titled:

see, i have a smartphone, but im not interested at all in social networking. im not saying i don't do it, i have a facebook account with the primary objective being keeping in touch with family and friends overseas.

i don't log in everyday to see what they up to, nor do i log in every 5 mins to see whose up to what. i also prefer talking to people face to face, not sitting next to someone texting someone else million miles away.

i talk to my friends regularly, hell, i see them daily. i do not care much for their status updates.

sorry for straying....staying on topic, i use my phone as my personal business assistant. i need a smartphone. its handy. keeping appointments, checking shedules is so much more convenient. with the integrated web access i am able to keep my pc and phone calendars fully synced 100% of the time. life would be fine without smartphones, but smartphones just make life easier.

nix3574d ago

i picked up Xperia Play not because i wanted a smart phone but because i needed to "upgrade". i was tired with my old phone which i was using for 5 years. i never felt the need to buy a smart phone because my old phone could practically everything i wanted - call, sms, take pictures, browse internet, play games... albiet the small screen.

i upgraded because this (the gamepad) was the only unique thing about it.

forum673574d ago

Real smartphone user will require a physical qwerty keyboard.
Rest of the user -- it should be called a multimedia/entertainment phone

Speed-Racer3574d ago

Why? Sounds like outdated tech if you ask me.

KingPin3574d ago

so by your definition a blackberry 8520 is a smartphone and a samsung galaxy s2 is an entertainment/multimedia device........something seems wrong with that logic, im sure you can figure it out.