Download Speaktoit Assistant 0.2 For iPhone-iPad-iPodTouch From App Store

Chiphazard : Good news iPhone users (especially non-iPhone 4S users!), now you can install the best Siri alternative called Speaktoit Assistant which is now available for iOS devicss as well after previously being available on Android platform only.

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cyberbob3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

my nod 32 didn't allow me to visit this website.But story seems hot kuz only one approval its reached 200 degree heat

wjbjnr3886d ago

hmmmm, that's odd though considering the fact that I also have Eset Smart Security and it doesn't bother me with any problems.

cyberbob3886d ago

seems like one of us get cheated by our Antivirus.But i trust mine

wjbjnr3885d ago

Everything is fixed, Safe to visit now :)