Clean-up your PC with just One Click

TechTeria: Clean-up unnecessary files from your computer with just One click including corrupted registries, temporary internet files and other useless application data.

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Speed-Racer3580d ago

A bit risky though. My bluetooth wireless adapter stopped working after I ran this. I'd say people should look through each entry that is going to be deleted before removing. Sometimes there are placeholder or empty entries that still serve a purpose.

kronicgeek3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I'm sure that this wasn't the cause. I am using this since last 2 years and never experienced any problems. There might be some mis-configuration in the Start-up settings through this Application I guess.

Speed-Racer3580d ago

Nah I re-installed the drivers and repeated the clean... it definitely was CCleaner. I'm not saying the program is bad, but there are a few outlying cases.

kronicgeek3579d ago

It might have cleared your driver files then by mistake. I would suggest you to give it a try again roughly :).

gaffyh3579d ago

I use CCleaner quite a lot, and have never had it remove drivers or registry values related to installed drivers. Must be a specific bluetooth adapter issue.

Speed-Racer3579d ago

@kronic -.- come on man, do i look that stupid lol. I did the test twice just to make sure...pretty confident I didn't clear it.

Raf1k13579d ago

Last time I ran CCleaner it reallyu slowed down my computer at start-up. Maybe it has something to do with what has been said about it mis-configuring the start-up sequence as it now takes a lot longer for all the programs to start when I turn the PC on.

Megaman_nerd3579d ago

I've been using CCleaner since like 2004 on XP, Vista and Win7 x86 and x64 and I have never encountered a problem. Beside, this cleaner doesn't touch anything related to drivers or software just temp files on the HDD: "browsing history, cookies, Recycle bin, memory dumps, file fragments, log files, system caches, application data and autocomplete form history".

Every of those temps create copies automatically if they are needed which makes impossible for CCleaner to mess up anything.

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cyberbob3579d ago

when i tried to read this story i gto an option hosting suspended....i really want to read this ..But personally i use cc cleaner ad it works best without paying anythng

kronicgeek3579d ago

Some server problems. The site is up now. Very sorry for inconvenience. Site is online again and Cheers for the same Profile picture ;)

cyberbob3579d ago

U Geek and i'm nerd lol hehehe ;-)

fatstarr3579d ago

Ive used this tons of times. pretty decent program great for manually getting rid of viruses as well.

evolution543579d ago

I never, ever trust any of these so-called "one-click" cleaners. Never. They usually do more harm than good. At least all the times I've used them indicate so. I also usually tell users to steer clear of registry cleaners as well.

C_Menz3579d ago

Same here. I usually do a yearly clean out on my own for anything that isn't needed. I would never trust something to decide whether or not it is useful for my PC.

CynicalVision3579d ago

CCcleaner is fine, no issues.

evolution543578d ago

I've tried CCcleaner as well and that was actually the last straw. Being such a reputable utility, I thought it would get it right. However, it still screwed up my computer. It would boot up and everything would still work but my hard drive was constantly thrashing and CPU consumption was off the chart.

It's weird how I often see so called computer technicians online tell people to stay away from the registry because it's a dangerous location "blah blah blah" but then go right ahead and suggest using registry cleaners and whatnot.

Like C_Menz said, I usually reformat and completely reinstall the OS every year or so. It might sound like a lot of work but it's not when you use an imaging utility to create a baseline image of your PC.

CynicalVision3579d ago

Cccleaner is incredible, I recommend it to everyone.

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