Gallery: Engineering The Ultimate Toy


"What would the creators of some of the most beloved and widespread American toys make, if given a completely blank slate? PopSci asked the driving forces behind toys like K'Nex, LEGO, Tickle Me Elmo, and Nerf to really explore their craziest impulses--and man, did they come up with some craziness."

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C_Menz3581d ago

Cool to see what some of the CEO's and leaders of the giant toy companies dream of as their ultimate toy.

For me it would be like the virtual projected like in the article. It would be awesome to have something where you set it up in a room, and it could take pictures from your past and reconstruct the background/features around you. Not just a projection either, but moving pieces if it is a movie, and it would would be on the walls, ceiling, and floor.