Dad shoots daughter’s laptop over Facebook post

What's Hawt: "The father of a more than displeased daughter took punishment to a new level with the use of social media and a .45 pistol."

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gizmig3579d ago

thats weird to know....

PraxxtorCruel3579d ago

That's how it should be done. Teenagers need to be put in their place.

ChrisW3578d ago

Only similar snot-nosed brats are disagreeing with you!

Max Power3578d ago

What other way then? Because typical grounding wasn't cutting it, I would have done that as well.

gizmig3578d ago

But i don't think that's the way to find its solution.

2pacalypsenow3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

so shooting a laptop is good punishment? u know that will only make it worst a teenager will do something worst just to spite him . I agree with him but i would of just taken the laptop away

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C_Menz3579d ago

Darn, I heard this on the news today and was going to post it later! I thought it was hilarious and agree with the dad. You can yell at your kids but most of the time they don't care.

Destroy their electronics and they will think twice before doing something bad again.

Speed-Racer3579d ago

Some people said this was overkill but heck, it's his money that bought pretty much everything AND he pays for her schooling, food, gives her a place to stay and what not. When I was younger, I always used to think that I should be paid to do chores, but you pretty much get everything (as mentioned before), so that in itself is payment. I can't say if or not this guy spanked her, but I think this was a decent form of punishment to teach her a lesson. Back to those crappy school computers for her. lol.

MidnytRain3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Not really. I mean, the food, doesn't he kind of HAVE to provide her with that? Among other things? Also, it doesn't even really matter if was his money; he's making her pay him back for the damage he caused.

thrasherv33579d ago

But he doesn't have to provide her with a laptop. And she has to only pay him back for the software he put on the laptop which she used to disrespect him.

Lord_Sloth3579d ago

Wrong. He's teaching her that there are repercussions for her actions and to respect authority.

He never mentioned food. He does his part in spending thousands of dollars just to keep her alive from month to month! Is it too much to ask that she does what little chores she has and gives at least a little appreciation for it? No it's not.

Speed-Racer3578d ago

@MidnytRain - He didn't have to buy her a laptop at all. She could have just stuck it out the hard way and be forced to go to the library or use a school computer when she needed to do work, but no...her dad got her a laptop AND was willing to shell out to keep it upgraded so she could do her school stuff with no problem. That is a privilege, not a necessity. How does she repay him? Writing a nasty note on Facebook. He has every right to be upset.

KrystofKage3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

No doubt she deserved punishment, but he comes off as a jackass.

For one, he is punishing her for attacking his image in public. Then he does the same. Since when does stooping to someones level make it ok? She's a teenager, hes an adult, he should know better.

Also, calling her names? Really? At that point I lost respect. You can get the point across without ridiculing your daughter as a lazy fat ass or demanding she got a job at 15 years old.

I find it hilarious that people agree kids are out of control, and yet they are at a loss as to why. Gee I wonder, maybe it's shitty parents who pulled the same crap when they were young, and didn't bother to take an active role in their children's lives.

I would bet after pulling that stunt that his daughter will get ridiculed in public by her friends and strangers. bravo, you made your families problems a public display so everyone can shame her.

Let the downvotes come, the only people that would agree are terrible parents and college kids who can't even raise a dog without it getting hit by a car.

Vames3579d ago

Teenagers today are way out of hand. This guy did the unexpected, and I love it.

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