Epic's Tim Sweeney: Expect Game Platform Consolidation

Toms Hardware: From a consumer standpoint, there are too many competing platforms on the market. Yet for software publishers, this seems to be a good thing as customers purchase their products for more than one device. Who hasn't bought multiple copies of Angry Birds for both their smartphone and tablet? Heck, it's even available for purchase on the PC. That's three platforms right there.

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C_Menz3581d ago

It will be interesting to see what platforms come out alive, since most have been saying that this will happen eventually.

I see tradition gaming consoles dying off to be honest. Not in a literal dying off, but they will become more like PC's than an actual gaming console. We have seen in the past couple of years more companies offering small console like PC builds, and they work to an extent. I think next generation for consoles we will see them be pretty much PC's(especially the next xbox) besides maybe the Wii U.

Tablets/Smartphones are here to stay but are the same platform essentially.

PC's will never go away. Sales may decline a bit but just about everyone has a PC in their household and once this mass of people need to update during the next big home PC leap forward it will be another boom in the industry.

The only "kink" in the system is the Mac/Windows differences since they need to be programed differently, and then if the next generation of consoles aren't easily compatibility with one another again.

I hope that consoles die off(transform into pc's) and the Mac/Windows compatibility improves.