Facebook "Defriending" Led to Double Murder, Police Say


" A Tennessee couple who "defriended" a woman on Facebook were murdered in their home by the jilted woman's father and another man, police said on Thursday."

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C_Menz3272d ago

Some people really go a bit to far... It will be interesting since so far nobody is really blaming social media(nor should they) but if this happened over a video game the media would have the pitch forks out.

Blaine3270d ago

Wait, the article says there's more to it than just facebook... I bet they're going through the house now looking for video games!

Syko3271d ago

Reason #4,192 I Dislike

C_Menz3271d ago

What are the other 4,191 reasons?!?!?!

dilawer3271d ago

that shit is crazy. Damn, I unfriended a lot of people. -_-'