Do you really need unlimited mobile internet…

Which? Convo: …unless you’re up to no good? With many companies jumping on the ‘truly unlimited internet’ bandwagon, does anyone really need access to never-ending data on-the-go?

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BeastOrange3953d ago

Yes. Some people do need truly unlimited mobile web access. What about those who can not afford cable or satellite and only have their phones for entertainment?

bahabeast3953d ago

i need it because its nice to have use wen im laying in bed n everything dnt disconnect dnt have to search 4 signal

koehler833953d ago

Personally, no. I've had a mere 1 GB plan for over 3 years now and I don't think I've ever managed to use so much as 500 MB in a given month. Wifi is everywhere. It's surprisingly difficult to even make use of mobile internet.

That said, I certainly wouldn't want to go without it.

C_Menz3953d ago

I need unlimited for my mobile phone, especially when I travel. Currently I am on an "unlimited" plan from Verizon(one of the ones they phased out to new customers) and I hit my "limit" about 2 1/2 weeks into each month. It would suck to either be cut off or charged for more data, but instead they just slow my speeds down during primetime(usually lunch and night times when a lot of people are using data).

Most people however probably don't need unlimited data. The best option for them is to keep track of their data monthly(usually in settings on your phone) and then adjust your plan based upon your needs.

BrutallyBlunt3952d ago

Just have scalable plans starting with 500 MB all the way to 5 GB. Then for a rather high price offer truly unlimited beyond that. If people want to vegetate on their phones all day make them pay for it. Especially if they only account for 1% of the users.