10-Year-Old Accidentally Creates New Molecule in Science Class


"Clara Lazen is the discoverer of tetranitratoxycarbon, a molecule constructed of, obviously, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. It's got some interesting possible properties, ranging from use as an explosive to energy storage. Lazen is listed as the co-author of a recent paper on the molecule. But that's not what's so interesting and inspiring about this story. What's so unusual here is that Clara Lazen is a ten-year-old fifth-grader in Kansas City, MO."

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C_Menz3947d ago

Kind of amazing that someone this young discovered a new molecule. I know when I was 10 years old I hardly did anything important! It was all about recess those days.

cyberbob3947d ago

will become great scientist in future for sure

gaffyh3947d ago

It was a fluke though, so I dunno about that.

C_Menz3947d ago

Well, even though it was sort of lucky it could spark her into pursuing the profession. Either way it will certainly spark her interest in education more than it was before.