Apple iPad 3: Prototype Photos Reveal Larger Battery

IBTimes Hong Kong writes,

The iPad 3 will feature a larger battery and redesigned logic board, according to images claiming to be of the rear case for the upcoming Apple tablet.

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C_Menz3954d ago

Typical Apple. Upgrade the battery and redesign a few components and slap the next number on it. It will be funny how many people with iPad 2's go out to buy this slightly improved version when it is released.

I'm not knocking Apple really since if that is what people want then Apple would be dumb not to take advantage of it. My friend got suckered into an iPad under the assumption it would be great for her at work. I tried to tell her a laptop would be 100% easier and more useful, and now she finally realized that and rarely uses the iPad.

eferreira3953d ago

It's not just apple that does yearly improvements on their products. Why bitch at them when car companies, pc's, tv and stereo companies do the same thing.

Your the typical elitest that hates anything that's popular or successful.

C_Menz3953d ago

Not really.... I own an Iphone 4, and also an Imac. If you read my comment I said that I wasn't bashing Apple for what they do but rather the people who flock to the slightly improved models claiming they are the best thing since sliced bread.

When Apple releases their actual new models that have a significant improvement I am usually impressed. They might not have truly new concepts most of the time but they deliver them in a way that is very polished.

2pacalypsenow3953d ago

waiting until they make it HD before i buy an ipad

Agent_hitman3953d ago

Apple did a great job by improving it's devices to retain their momentum as a tech company, because if you stop innovating your products and stop releasing new gadgets every year, your business is dead, just like Michael Dell said.

Rageanitus3953d ago

It better be better than the ASUS transformer prime

BeastOrange3953d ago

If Apple was smart they would make sure they do address the issue before releasing the new product.