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How one small change just made Google Music the best digital music locker

ExtremeTech: In the wake of the Megaupload takedown, it might seem like a good time to back away from increasingly locked-down cloud storage. After all, you don’t want to lose all your media if the worst happens. At least one digital locker is bucking the trend: Google Music. The search giant’s cloud music service added a new feature this week; US users can now download their entire MP3 library, both purchased and uploaded tunes. The result might be the ultimate free music locker.

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C_Menz3952d ago

Seems like a good choice for those who want something free to back up their music. However I never trust keeping data on the cloud since once it is there it isn't always free/easy to get back if terms/conditions change.

I just use my 500gb external HDD to hold all of my music/pictures/files and I find it much easier than these options. No clue why anyone would want to trust another company to hold their files/info when they can easily do it on their own.