Apple hit with US $1.6 billion lawsuit over ‘iPad’ name

What's Hawt: "Hong Kong based Proview Technology has once again filed a lawsuit against Apple over the ‘iPad’ brand name, and is asking for the equivalent of close to US $1.6 billion in compensation."

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blumatt3274d ago

They'll never get that kind of money. China should be paying the rest of the world for all the copyright infringement they do over there. So much piracy and thievery.

BeastOrange3275d ago

Maybe thats what America needs to do... sue itself and China to get out of debt over calling something a word......1.6 billion. sick.

Speed-Racer3274d ago

I guess they're account for lost potential sales or some bullcrap like that....but all the Chinese have been doing is copying western america and reselling it for cheaper (lower quality as well).

RonyDean3274d ago

I think what I need to do is just start trade marking ever word possible, then one day I will be RICH!

C_Menz3274d ago

Seems sort of dumb although the company does have the right of suing them if they still actually own the name. To me it Justin a bit stood on both sides... Apple for not being 100% in control of the name, and the other side for just filing a patent back then when they werent going to use the iPad name.

SilentNegotiator3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

China doesn't respect copyright law at all. Even if this company DOES have a good case (Like, of Steve Jobs running out on a business deal and audio logs of him calling the others to say "Dude, I totally have an idea that we can steal!"), why should THEY get to reap the benefits of copy protection?

It's about time China follows some rules that the rest of the industrial countries do. They're treating employees like garbage and stealing ideas directly from others.

C_Menz3274d ago

It will never happen. China can do what it wants since it is vital to the global economy now. If a country(let's go with the U.S) starts to press to hard for China to follow many of the laws it breaks China could easily bring up the debt the U.S owes to China and also sever trade ties which would hurt the U.S and companies.

willie62893274d ago

not gonna happen, china needs us as much as us needs china.

C_Menz3274d ago

I know it wouldn't happen, but if for some reason China was being backed into a corner to fall in line they would have to do just that. Either it would make other back off or we would have WW3.

TheFallenAngel3274d ago

You know thanks to the US, china is becoming rich. Without the US, china is nothing.

LightofDarkness3274d ago

China's wealth is based on US currency and assets, if they become devalued, so does China.

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